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Is this overkill? Sanctions checks on clients and counter parties

It’s no secret that the SRA is taking an active interest in how firms are approaching their management of the sanctions regime...

A snapshot of a COLP’s day, week, month and year

There's a lot that goes into running a tight compliance ship in a law firm...

New-style scam alert warning

Individuals are contacting law firms alleging to be from the SRA and asking to attend their offices for a “pre audit meeting.”...

Facing the regulators: preparing your law firm for SRA visits

When the SRA selects your law firm for a review, it’s essential to understand the process and be prepared...

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“Thank you for your support and time in the matter. It is great to know that the compliance team have your back as this job is very stressful and worrying at times. If, of course, we’ve done something wrong/need to change anything, then [it's] great to know that we have someone behind us.”

Jemma Lloyd