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Compliance Team as a Service

Unlock streamlined compliance excellence at a fraction of the traditional cost

What we're seeing

In today’s complex regulatory environment, law firms often face a critical challenge: balancing optimal risk profiles with stringent compliance requirements. The typical staffing to address this often looks like:

  • Head of Risk and Compliance
  • Compliance Manager
  • Two Compliance Analysts

This framework often results in an annual salary burden that can reach a staggering £200,000.

Common challenges

  • <B>Budgetary challenges</B><BR>The financial strain of maintaining a full-scale compliance team.
  • <B>Talent scarcity</B><BR>An evident shortage of skilled candidates in the market.
  • <B>Operational strain</B><BR>A compliance structure often under-resourced and overburdened.

How we can help

Our “Compliance Team as a Service” model is tailored to cater to law firms, providing value-driven outcomes.

Resource Enhancement

Infusing the required expertise without the traditional costs

Maximised Responsiveness

Leveraging our streamlined approach for enhanced delivery

Substantial Savings

Firms can save up to £100,000 annually

Collaborative Integration

We’re not here to replace, but to relieve pressure and offer mentorship

Let's get started!

“Thank you for your support and time in the matter. It is great to know that the compliance team have your back as this job is very stressful and worrying at times. If, of course, we’ve done something wrong/need to change anything, then [it's] great to know that we have someone behind us.”

Jemma Lloyd