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Counter Fraud Services

Shield your firm or organisation against both external and internal fraud threats

What's included

At HiveRisk, we prioritise the security and integrity of our clients’ operations. That’s why we are thrilled to present our premier Counter Fraud team, dedicated to the identification of vulnerabilities and the implementation of rigorous fraud controls.

Strategic Reviews
and Gap Analysis

A comprehensive assessment to identify and address vulnerabilities.

Policies, Controls
and Procedures

Expert assistance in formulating and supporting the implementation of effective fraud prevention measures.

Bespoke Workshops
and Masterclasses

Tailored sessions to amplify fraud awareness across your teams.

Fraud Risk Review

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Counter-fraud team

If you believe your firm needs a proactive evaluation or desires to reinforce its fraud prevention measures, our specialists are here to help. We’re here to support, guide and protect.

Gavin Ball

Technical Director

Gavin is a Certified Fraud Examiner and an Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist who has led numerous financial crime investigations and compliance engagements across international jurisdictions including the EMEA, APAC and the UK. He has worked with global organisations across varying sectors such as law firms, accountancy, engineering, construction, financial services, retail, charities, central government and healthcare.
nina dayal
Nina Dayal
Senior Compliance Consultant
An experienced solicitor and former Deputy Director of Fraud Ring Operations and Director of Casualty Fraud for a Top 50 Law Firm, Nina is experienced in identifying, developing and implementing fraud strategies, operations and forensic claims investigations. Nina has appeared in the BBC’s documentary series Claimed and Shamed showcasing the work of her and her team.

Peter Taylor

The Fraud Guy

Peter is widely recognised in his field as one of the most respected fraud specialists in the industry. Starting out his career as a CID officer with the Greater Mancester police, he brings with him decades of experience in counter fraud and cybercrime, holding senior positions across insurance, banking, lending, online retail, workplace fraud, and other areas where organised cyber fraud takes place.

Let's get started!

“Thank you for your support and time in the matter. It is great to know that the compliance team have your back as this job is very stressful and worrying at times. If, of course, we’ve done something wrong/need to change anything, then [it's] great to know that we have someone behind us.”

Jemma Lloyd