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Join us for our upcoming webinars and in-person events

How to Rip off the business! 

A Masterclass in Fraud Threats and Vulnerabilities in Law Firms

Tuesday, April 23 | 11:00am BST

Join us for this live and interactive session where renowned counter fraud professionals (and HiveRisk Avengers) Peter Taylor, ACFS (aka The Fraud Guy) and Gavin Ball will shine a light into the murky world of financial crime.

They will bring this area to life with real and hypothetical examples of threats and vulnerabilities facing law firms that may fall between the cracks of many law firms’ AML, Financial Crime and Anti Bribery controls.

Hot Topics in Legal Compliance

Thursday, April 25 | 2:00pm BST

Kate Burt from HiveRisk will present a roundup of the practical applications from the issue which have received the most engagement with the Compl:ex readership, with Q&A sessions hosted by X-Press Legal Services.

The Great Big Legal Offsite

Wednesday, July 3

The Great Big Legal Offsite (GBLO) is a premier legal collaboration event aimed at uniting small to mid-sized law firms across key UK regions such as Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and London.

Details coming soon!

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Compliance Unconference

Wednesday, May 1

All attendees have an interest in Law Firm Risk and Compliance and are experts in their own right. Unlike a traditional conference, the attendees create the agenda on the day and talk about what really matters to us. We use the Hive Mind to come up with creative solutions to shared problems and share examples of good and not-so-good practice.