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Find out how we can help your firm or organisation with your risk and compliance management needs

Our services

AML Audits

Fortify your compliance framework while minimising disruptions to your business operations.

Complex Source of Funds

Ensure compliance by identifying potential risks and verifying fund legitimacy.

Compliance Team as a Service

Unlock compliance excellence at a fraction of the traditional cost.

COLP Support

Ensure your firm's compliance with all regulatory and legal obligations.

COFA Support

Focus on strategic initiatives and fee earning while we manage the hard work.

Counter Fraud

Identify vulnerabilities and shield your firm against both external and internal fraud threats.

Phone a Friend

Have clarity in real-time with an expert sounding board on speed-dial for senior role holders.

Conveyancing Services

Nail recurring issues before they escalate into audits, complaints or claims.

Audit SOS

We support firms regulated by the CLC, SRA and LSS facing immiment regulatory audit.

Additional services

  • Policies and procedures review
  • Complaints handling
  • File reviews
  • File closure, archiving and destruction
  • Business management and continuity
  • Compliance training

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"We entered into a 'compliance as a service' agreement with HiveRisk and have enjoyed a close working relationship with the whole HiveRisk team, with Kate Burt & Gavin Ball providing our business of 150+ employees with expert compliance support and practical solutions.”

Operations Director

Award-winning northern law firm