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Conveyancing Services

Nail recurring issues before they escalate into audits, complaints or claims

How we can help

We understand the complexities and challenges of conveyancing. Our Conveyancing Services are meticulously designed to empower your practice, ensuring compliance, efficiency and peace of mind. With a focus on proactive measures and continuous improvement, we offer a suite of services tailored to transform your conveyancing operations.

Preemptive Problem-Solving

Nail recurring issues before they escalate into audits, complaints or claims.

Audit Trail Security

Secure your audit trail well in advance of inspections, ensuring compliance at every turn.

Early Identification of Training Needs

Spot and address training needs early, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Actionable Insights

Change non-compliant actions swiftly with expert advice and support.

Time Efficiency

Free up valuable time to focus on core activities and client service.

PII Advantages

Secure better premiums through demonstrable compliance and operational excellence.

On-demand webinar

Does Your Conveyancing Department Need a Shakeup?

Achieving meaningful change in a busy conveyancing department can feel like nailing jelly to the wall. In this webinar, we discuss practical methods you can implement within your practice to get buy-in from the board, achieve standardisation and improve both compliance levels and client satisfaction.
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Kate Burt

Founder & CEO

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Gavin Ball

Technical Director

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Zoe Upson

Compliance Specialist

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“Thank you for your support and time in the matter. It is great to know that the compliance team have your back as this job is very stressful and worrying at times. If, of course, we’ve done something wrong/need to change anything, then [it's] great to know that we have someone behind us.”

Jemma Lloyd