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Who We Are

Meet the experts behind HiveRisk

Our team is an exceptional ensemble of seasoned lawyers and accomplished senior executives, each an expert in their respective fields. With years, often decades, of hands-on experience in various industries, our professionals possess the skills, acumen, and insights needed to exceed client expectations. Get acquainted with the industry veterans and creative minds that make up the HiveRisk team below. These are the people who are dedicated to ensuring that you receive nothing less than first-rate services – with a smile!

Technical Specialists

kate burt hiverisk

Kate Burt

Founder & CEO
Law Firm Risk

gavin ball hiverisk

Gavin Ball

Technical Director
Counter Fraud | AML

tom blandford

Tom Blandford

Finance Director
Accounts Rules

peter taylor hiverisk

Peter Taylor

Counter Fraud | Intelligence

colin solomon

Colin Solomon

Offshore | Banking | Trusts

nina dayal hiverisk

Nina Dayal

AML | Counter Fraud

tony brown

Tony Brown

FinCrime | FinTech | Crypto

zoe upson

Zoe Upson


Compliance Assurance Hub

At the heart of our commitment to excellence is our Compliance Assurance Hub – a group of diligent analysts who are the guardians of your peace of mind. This team ensures seamless onboarding and provides daily, dedicated support to keep our retainer clients on the path to success.

jo adongo hiverisk

Jo Adongo

kashif hussain

Kashif Hussain

helen mizrahi
Helen Mizrahi
dan burt hiverisk

Dan Burt


justine westwell

Justine Westwell

Operations Director


Louise Ball

Business Management Associate


Ailsa Smith

Executive Support

Ingrid Catlin

Marketing Consultant

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“Thank you for your support and time in the matter. It is great to know that the compliance team have your back as this job is very stressful and worrying at times. If, of course, we’ve done something wrong/need to change anything, then [it's] great to know that we have someone behind us.”

Jemma Lloyd