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A snapshot of a COLP’s day, week, month and year

a day in the life of a colp

There’s a lot that goes into running a tight compliance ship in a law firm.

For a COLP without compliance support, the below infographic shows just some of the things they’ve got on their plate on a daily, weekly, monthly and on an annual basis. And this is just business as usual, not accounting for the proverbial that sometimes hits the fan that can be all consuming.

For a fee earning COLP whose usual day job is not compliance there’s usually one of a number of scenarios playing out.

  1. Their fee earning potential is limited by the demands of the COLP role
  2. Basic compliance isn’t being done or
  3. They are stressed and and overwhelmed
  4. All of the above!

This infographic gives a high-level view of just some of the basics that come with the COLP role. This has been taken directly from one of HiveRisk‘s COLP support proposals. For some of our clients we do all the below for them with their COLP retaining oversight and control with a direct line to us.

If you’d like a copy of our full COLP compliance support proposal to see how we might be able to help your COLP from drowning, contact us below!

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"We entered into a 'compliance as a service' agreement with HiveRisk and have enjoyed a close working relationship with the whole HiveRisk team, with Kate Burt & Gavin Ball providing our business of 150+ employees with expert compliance support and practical solutions.”

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