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PII renewals

The latest session of Compliance for Law Firms featured a discussion around maximising the effectiveness of PII proposal submissions and and strategies to best present your firm’s approach to risk. The following is a brief summary of some of the areas explored. Preparing to submit a PII renewal form The session began with some general… Continue reading PII renewals

SRA AML Visits, a change in approach?

This week’s Compliance for Law Firms session saw HiveRisk’s Gavin Ball and Kate Burt take the digital centre stage to tee-up the discussion area of SRA AML visits, specifically, how the approach seems to have changed since the warning shots fired at the COLP COFA Conference in October last year. The closed discussion forum comprised… Continue reading SRA AML Visits, a change in approach?

Fraud Du Jour and the Fraud Triangle

You’re probably already familiar with the law firm employee convicted in April and sentenced to 4 years in prison after siphoning charity donations over a 13 year period. Effected beneficiaries included Cancer Research, Great Ormond Street, local hospices along with various animal charities. Laurna Porter, along with her accomplice, Julie Atkins, abused her position as… Continue reading Fraud Du Jour and the Fraud Triangle

Navigating Crypto Due Diligence in Conveyancing

BOARDROOM CONVERSATION As the landscape of finance continues to evolve, the emergence of cryptocurrencies has brought about both excitement and apprehension among professionals in the legal sector, particularly those involved in conveyancing. In a recent webinar, HiveRisk delved into the intricacies of client due diligence (CDD) concerning cryptoassets with a focus on conveyancing firms in the UK. … Continue reading Navigating Crypto Due Diligence in Conveyancing

Is this overkill? Sanctions checks on clients and counter parties

It’s no secret that the SRA is taking an active interest in how firms are approaching their management of the sanctions regime.

A snapshot of a COLP’s day, week, month and year

Young woman business accountant, bookkeeper, checking old finance documents in in company finance file archive. Standing in front of shelf, holding and reading within a file folder. Surrounded with ring binders, folders, files, papers in company document storage archive room.

There’s a lot that goes into running a tight compliance ship in a law firm.